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Longslice Brewery


The tale of Longslice begins with two young hooligans, brothers Jimmy & John Peat. Hailing from Bracebridge, the Peat Brothers were seeking solutions to stock their high school parties with boatloads of beer. They weren’t yet old enough to buy beer, but they were old enough to buy all the ingredients. And so, with some help from their father, a passion for basement brewing was born.

Fast-forward fifteen years and several dozen batches of homemade hooch, and the Peat Brothers have mastered the art of craft brewing. They knew that the time had come to shape their pursuits into a real, bonafide, Toronto-based brewery. Enter longtime friend Sebastian Lesch; a legend among those who know him.

Longslice Brewery was born on March 20th, MMXIV (that’s 2014, but it looks way cooler in Roman Numerals). The brothers agreed to take turns concocting new recipes each time they brew, and Jimmy set the bar high with Longslice’s first official brand, Hopsta La Vista – a hybrid English/American Style IPA that is now served at a number of fine drinking establishments across the great city of Toronto as well as select LCBO’s!

Next up, Longslice launched John’s Loose Lips Lager and proudly introduced tall cans of both beers at your local bar. You’ll know them when you see them..the immaculately groomed faces of Jimmy and John on each can will be calling your name.

If you have any questions about the legend of Longslice, our brews or our facial hair, hit us up at info@longslice.com. Or, head out to your neighborhood bar this weekend and say hi. We love a good chat just as much as we love a good pint.