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Half Hours on Earth



Opened in March of 2016, Half Hours on Earth is a unique brewery located in Seaforth, Ontario, Canada. A very small two-person operation brewing on a wildly custom system; mashing in an oak puncheon, boiling wort in multiple kettles & fermenting in a wide variety of fermenters in all shapes and sizes.

Our style of focus is constantly evolving. We got into brewing because we love variety, and we find ourselves drawn to styles that are typically uncommon. Currently, we’re all about oak aged sours, sour ipa’s and farmhouse lagers.

We brew, package our beer, design our own labels, fill every online order and everything else involved in operating a brewery split between two people. This balance allows for six days of production, and one day of retail, in case you’re wondering about our limited hours. 🙂


Our beer is very limited. We are one of the smallest producers in Ontario. But our beer is also the easiest to obtain, and everyone has the same opportunity to get our beer, even our most limited of releases.

The best way to buy beer is online. We update our inventory every Wednesday, and we ship out parcels every Monday. Or, we also have the option to schedule a pick-up at the brewery, nearly any day of the week, if you happen to be in the area.

Finally, you can visit us at our brewery retail store on Saturdays, where we have cans & bottles available to go!

Our cans & bottles can also be found at select bars & restaurants across Ontario. Kegs are extremely rare here, you may see a few at random bars over the summer months, or maybe even a festival or two. You will never find us in an LCBO or a Beer Store.


We are the originators of selling beer directly to consumers via an online shop within Ontario. As far as accessibility goes, we feel that going online has been the single largest change to variety and selection for customers of craft beer in the province. Our model of offering a wide range of styles available to order directly by mail has now been replicated by 50+ breweries in the province. We’ve kickstarted a new way to shop for beer in Ontario, and with so many breweries on board, customers now have access to hundreds of different beers every month.


In 2016, we were named the top new brewery of the year by Jordan St. John & Robin LeBlanc, authors of The Ontario Craft Beer Guide.

In 2017, we won the Golden Tap Awards Editor’s Circle Award.