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We are Toronto based.
We are award-winning.
We are decent people.
We are just getting started.

We started The Craft Brand Company in 2013 on three simple principles:  partner with brewers that brew exceptional beers, that have unique and intriguing branding and that are powered by good people that we enjoy drinking beers with.  We have never strayed from this thinking and it has been the driver in us becoming one of the most sought after agencies in Canada.

In 2016, The Craft Brand Company teamed up with Brunswick Bierworks – one of the world’s top partner brewing facilities.  This move allows us to showcase globally renowned beers to beer drinkers the way they are meant to be enjoyed.  Fresh.   We provide our partners enhanced access to market with fresh beer brewed under the supervision of their own Brewmaster.

In 2019, we launched our online store, The Bodega; Toronto’s Finest Independent Bottle Shop.  Limited release brews, exclusive offerings, collaboration brews and the classics all delivered to your door.  Check it out.

We are the Canadian extension of our global brands and execute all aspects of success; product launches, selling, marketing, business development, distribution, supply chain, quality control and growth analysis.

And we love it.