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Badlands Brewing


We’re an on farm brewery in Caledon, Ontario.
We’re a small, scrappy crew that brews a lot of IPA, but we also have a deep affinity for farmhouse ales, crispy lagers and sours.

We’re currently brewing on a small, inefficient 120L brew house in an old retrofitted calf barn. It’s a lot of work, but it’s what we can afford.

We believe in beer quality and freshness above all else. Our mission is to get our beer to your mouth when it’s at it’s best (i.e. usually when it’s freshest)



A lot has changed very quickly in this brave new world of ours.
Starting 03 April, 2020 and effective until otherwise specified, purchases will work as follows:

1️) Online Beers will go live on our website Friday’s at 7pm. This will be for PICKUP ONLY.
2️) Choose your beers and at checkout select ‘Pick Up’ with a time slot on Saturday for on site pick up
3️) All Pick Up orders must be picked up on Saturday with the selected time slot (12-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5pm). Do not arrive early for your time slot.
4) Pull up to Bottle Shed, confirm your order # and name, and we will place your order in your car. Do not exit your car, easy peasy!
5) Drive away with a peaceful no contact transaction and you didn’t even have to exit your vehicle!
6) Have a safe and pleasant rest of your weekend! Stay safe!


You cannot drop by for beer to go without having placed an order online. If you have not ordered beer online for pickup, you can not buy beer on Saturday and you will be turned away. Or you will have to order online from your car (depending on availability).
If you do not pickup your beer on Saturday by 5pm we will refund your order and the beer will be placed back online for sale.

If we still have availability following the pickup option, we will put all remaining beer online Saturdays at 7PM. All online orders will be mailed Monday through CanadaPost at a flat rate shipping of $15. Max 12 bottles for all shipping orders.

To summarize:

Pickup will be available online Fridays at 7PM (you CANNOT place an order for shipping)
If any bottles remain, they will go online Saturday at 7PM for shipping.

Send us a message or comment here if there are any questions!

One shipping box = 12 bottles slots

Maximum bottles available to be shipped = 12 total

See latest instagram post, or the description of the beer for bottle limits.